Imminent Need

When a Death is Expected

For families expecting a loved one to pass in the coming six months. Arrange now, so that you can get back to the things that matter. Planning further in advance? Click Here

Peace of Mind in Minutes

Making arrangements in advance means that you can spend more time with your family when it matters. Our imminent need service is the best way to prepare for a loved one’s passing.

Make your arrangements in under 15 minutes

Complete all of the paperwork in advance

We collect your details during arrangement

Everything is kept safe until you need our services

Payment is only taken after you arrange transport

How It Works

We have designed the simplest way for you to make arrangements for a loved one who is expected to pass soon.


Online arrangements are simple and affordable. You can review all of the available options from the comfort and privacy of your own home and securely submit your details. We’ll email you the required paperwork to authorize cremation online.



At the time of death, our professional staff will respond as soon as possible to the place of passing to bring your loved one into our care. We are usually able to arrive to the location within one or two hours inside our local service area.



Our rapid e-filing process quickly submits the death certificate to the certifying physician for signature. Upon filing the death certificate we’ll secure a cremation permit from the state and schedule cremation as soon as possible.



When the cremation is complete we’ll arrange for the return or disposition of the cremated remains. We offer hand delivery within our local service area, shipping via USPS Priority Mail Express, or disposition by unattended scattering at sea.


Some Providers We Work With

We pride ourselves on the relationships we foster with our hardworking partners in hospice and palliative care

Imminent Need Questions

What should I do when I require your services?

Simply call our 24/7 toll free number and our licensed professionals will help you through the next steps.

Once my loved one is taken into your care, where do they go?

Your loved one is immediately transported to our closest partner cremation facility. Our partner cremation facilities are located in Kent, Marysville, and Portland. Each cremation facility maintains licensed holding facilities which are secure and climate controlled. Your loved one is taken care of there until all required paperwork and documents are completed, at which time we will proceed with cremation.

Where are you located? Can I come in to make arrangements?

While we are licensed to be able to serve every part of Washington State, our administrative mailing address and arrangement counselor staff are located in Seattle and Vancouver, respectively. We have partner crematories in Kent, Marysville, and Portland, with transportation centers in these locations as well. Please keep in mind, however, that part of the reason we are able to keep our service prices low is because we do not have the ability to meet families to make arrangements in these locations. Instead, the families we serve complete the arrangement forms online.

Can a cremation be witnessed by the family?

Yes, in most situations, the cremation provider will permit family members to be in attendance when the body is placed into the cremation chamber. Actually, a few religious groups include this as an integral part of their funeral practice. We offer families the opportunity to witness their loved one’s cremation at our Kent or Portland partner locations. Up to five people may attend for up to one hour.

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